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The Horse and Cattle and Guest Ranch

In 2012 Andrea and Claudia, two German lady entrepreneurs with long western riding experience, have established on Pecos Valley Ranch a working cattle and guest ranch operation, where enthusiasts of the western ranch world may spend their vacations, joining the ranch team to work the cattle, help in all ranch activities or ride the fascinating trails on the ranch. All working activities are done by horse, as it was done always in this part of America.

Ranch Hands and Guests participating in Branding and Fencing

Claudia and Andrea have built up a 20 horse herd, which they run on the large ranch pastures all year round. Most of the horses are Quarter Horses, but you can find Appaloosa Horses and beautiful Paint Horses. The horses are selected so guest riders of all skills find the right horse

The ranch work is supervised by our very experienced foreman Joe, who earned the New Mexico State Championship in roping (heeler). He and Andrea and Claudia, who both are internationally licensed trainer in western riding. Everybody will enjoy the life on this traditional cattle ranch with its Wild West landscape, where Billy the Kid roamed.

Cattle and Dogs on the Ranchland

Horse Back Riding in the small valley of the Creek and in the Pecos River

Come and enjoy your vacations on the beautiful working cattle and guest ranch in southern New Mexico


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